What Causes Motorcycle Battery to Drain

what causes motorcycle battery to drain

Motorcycle battery drain can be attributed to a variety of factors including parasitic drains, aging, and a faulty charging system. These issues can lead to decreased battery life and performance, impacting the overall reliability of the motorcycle. Parasitic drains occur when electrical devices continue to draw power from the battery even after the motorcycle has … Read more

What Size Battery for Generac 24kw Generator

what size battery for generac 24kw generator

For a Generac 24kW generator, the recommended battery size typically falls within a 12-volt range with a capacity of 35 to 50 ampere-hours (Ah). This specification ensures adequate power for starting and running the generator under normal conditions. Choosing the right battery for a Generac 24kW generator is crucial for reliable operation and longevity. The … Read more

Who Makes Motorcraft Batteries for Ford?

who makes motorcraft batteries for ford

Motorcraft batteries for Ford vehicles are manufactured by a variety of suppliers, including Johnson Controls, Exide Technologies, and East Penn Manufacturing. These companies are renowned for their expertise in automotive battery technology and production. The collaboration between Ford and these manufacturers ensures that Motorcraft batteries are specifically designed to meet the high standards and specifications … Read more

Who Makes Toyota True Start Batteries

who makes toyota true start batteries

Toyota True Start batteries are manufactured by a collaboration between Toyota and a select group of battery manufacturers. These partnerships ensure that the batteries meet the high standards set by Toyota for its vehicles. In the realm of automotive batteries, Toyota True Start stands out for its exceptional quality and reliability. Designed specifically for Toyota … Read more

Battery Life of Dometic Fridges: In-Depth Analysis

battery life of dometic fridges

A Dometic fridge can run on a battery for a variable duration, depending on several factors. The length of time a 12-volt fridge, including models from Dometic and Furrion, will run on a battery is influenced by the battery’s capacity, the fridge’s power consumption, and environmental conditions. The capacity of the battery is a key … Read more

Who Makes Mopar Batteries?

who makes mopar batteries

Mopar batteries are manufactured by a reputable company in the automotive industry. This company is known for its commitment to quality and innovation in battery production. Mopar batteries, recognized for their reliability and performance, are a popular choice among vehicle owners. These batteries are designed to meet the high demands of modern vehicles, providing dependable … Read more

What Size Bolt for Battery Terminal: A Detailed Guide

what size bolt for battery terminal

The standard size bolt for a battery terminal is typically M8x1.25, which is approximately 8mm in diameter and has a 1.25mm thread pitch. Battery terminals are crucial components that ensure a secure connection between the battery and the vehicle’s electrical system. The size of the bolt and nut required to fasten the terminal securely can … Read more