What Battery is the Same As SR626SW?

Published on: July 12, 2023
Written by Ian Carter / Fact-checked by Baten Khalil

The SR626SW battery is identical to the 377 battery.

These coin cell batteries are commonplace in the world of small electronic devices. The SR626SW battery, also known as a 377 battery, is a silver-oxide cell commonly used in watches due to its long life and stable output. This battery boasts a voltage of 1.55V and is renowned for its low self-discharge, making it a reliable choice for many consumers.

what battery is the same as sr626sw

In the realm of battery equivalents, the LR626 battery stands as a near-perfect match to the SR626SW. While the SR626SW is a silver-oxide battery, the LR626 is its alkaline counterpart. They share the same dimensions and voltage, making them interchangeable in most devices, albeit with the LR626 having a shorter lifespan.

Both the SR626SW and the 377 batteries are equivalents to the AG4 battery, another popular coin cell battery. Despite slight variations in materials and battery life, they all serve the same functions and can often be used interchangeably in most devices.

In terms of replacements, Duracell offers a battery equivalent to the SR626SW – a testament to the battery’s widespread usage. Duracell’s version provides the same reliability and efficiency, ensuring your device stays powered for as long as possible.

In sum, the SR626SW battery, the 377 battery, the LR626, the AG4 battery, and the SR626SW equivalent from Duracell can all be swapped in most devices without issue. Despite minor differences, these batteries can serve as a reliable power source for your small electronic devices.

SR626SW Battery – A Detailed Examination

SR626SW Battery Specifications

The SR626SW, a coin cell battery, boasts a voltage of 1.55V. Known for its low self-discharge, this battery promises a long life and a stable output. Commonly used in watches and small electronic devices, the SR626SW battery stands as a reliable option for consumers.

Battery Material

The SR626SW is a silver-oxide cell, which contributes to its longevity and steady performance.

The SR626SW Battery and Its Equivalents

377 Battery: A Twin Power Source

Sharing an identity with the SR626SW battery, the 377 battery is the same in all aspects, be it size, voltage, or utility. The SR626SW and 377 batteries are interchangeable, signifying their identical nature.

LR626 Battery: An Alkaline Alter-Ego

The LR626 battery, an alkaline version, closely matches the SR626SW battery. The LR626 and the SR626SW are comparable in size and voltage, allowing them to be used as substitutes for each other. The only notable difference lies in the battery life, where the LR626 falls short compared to its silver-oxide cousin.

AG4 Battery: Similar, Yet Different

The AG4 battery also serves as an equivalent to the SR626SW. They can often be swapped in most devices, despite slight variations in their material composition and battery lifespan.

Duracell’s SR626SW: A Trusted Alternative

Duracell provides a commendable alternative to the SR626SW battery. This variant upholds the same performance standards as the SR626SW, making it an excellent replacement option.

Medic Batteries: Your Go-To Source for the 377 Battery (SR626SW)

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Medic Batteries consistently keeps the Energizer battery 377 (SR626SW equivalent) in stock, ensuring availability for immediate needs.

The Advantage of Buying SR626SW from Medic Batteries

There are several reasons why Medic Batteries is the right choice for your SR626SW battery needs.

Authenticity: Medic Batteries only deals in genuine products, so you get an authentic Energizer 377 battery each time.

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Battery TypeMaterialVoltageEquivalent to SR626SW?
377 BatterySilver-Oxide1.55VYes
LR626 BatteryAlkaline1.55VYes
AG4 BatteryAlkaline/Silver-Oxide1.5VYes
Duracell’s SR626SWSilver-Oxide1.55VYes

In this detailed examination, it’s clear that the SR626SW battery, while unique, shares a close relationship with several other battery types. With the information provided, you can easily find the right battery for your device, and understand why purchasing from Medic Batteries is a smart choice.


What Battery Is Compatible With SR626SW?

The LR626, AG4, and 377 batteries are compatible with the SR626SW. These batteries share the same dimensions and voltage, making them suitable replacements.

Is AG4 Battery the Same as 377?

Yes, the AG4 battery is the same as a 377 battery. They are interchangeable, despite minor differences in material composition and battery lifespan.

Is 377 Battery the Same as SR626SW?

Yes, the 377 battery is the same as the SR626SW. They are identical in size, voltage, and usage, which makes them interchangeable.

SR626SW Battery vs 377: What’s the Difference?

There is no significant difference between the SR626SW and 377 batteries. Both are silver-oxide cells with a voltage of 1.55V, and they can be used interchangeably in most devices.

What Is the SR626SW Battery Equivalent from Duracell?

Duracell offers a SR626SW battery equivalent. It matches the SR626SW in terms of voltage and dimensions, offering the same reliability and efficiency.

Are There LR626 Battery Equivalents?

Yes, the LR626 battery has several equivalents including the SR626SW, 377, and AG4 batteries. These batteries share the same voltage and size, making them interchangeable in most cases.

Can I Use an AG4 Watch Battery as a Replacement for SR626SW?

Yes, an AG4 watch battery can be used as a replacement for an SR626SW battery. They have similar voltage, dimensions, and can fit into the same devices.

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